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11.26.2004 - The Guestbook works again. Sign it HARD.

10.22.2004 - I'll be redesigning the look and changing some of the content of the site over the next few months. I may continue to update the current sections before they're redesigned.

08.26.2004 - I've added a Previews section to the site to focus on projects I have in developement. There's a link over to the left or you can click here.
I also added a link to the big title banner at the top of this page to track recent site updates.

07.02.2004 - Report from MoCCA

The super special MoCCA edition Gritty Tales preview books sold out and I sold or traded all the copies of Grizzled Comics Presents: It Vomits Dreams I'd brought. So that was good.

I also talked a bit with Robbie Robbins of IDW Publishing whose table was next to mine. Hell of a nice guy, that Robbie Robbins.

My free time was spent bugging Jim Mahfood about his lettering and word balloons.

A couple of local shop owners picked up some stacks of my books for distribution. New Yorkers can get Grizzled Comics, while they last, at the following locations:

Grizzled Comics Presents: It Vomits Dreams is available at
Jim Hanley's Universe
4 West 33rd Street
New York, NY

Gritty Tales of Espionage and Danger MoCCA Preview Book is available at
Clovis Press
229 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Gritty Tales will be available online sometime soon. I'll also be redesigning parts of the site, working on an eight or nine page story for Mark Stinson's new book at Void Pulp Press and hopefully putting out a three or four page story for the CCN's third anthology, Show and Tell #3.

06.20.2004 - The first two pages of the new book with text are now online. I probably won't have time to put anymore up before I leave on the 23rd. Take a look.

06.17.2004 - Put up a draft of a two-page spread from the new book. See it here.

06.16.2004 - Added a new image to the makeshift Gritty Tales preview page.

06.14.2004 - I have the first page of the new book inked, and cleaned up and I'll be damned if it doesn't look nice. Later I'll add all the text, labels, room numbers, and parking lot signage. The preview is here.

06.11.2004 - The nine pages of pencils for the book I'll be taking to MoCCA are complete. I'll begin inks later today. A small portion of one of the pages is viewable in the sketchbook section of this site. More previews are to come.

05.20.2004 - For anyone who lives in the Kansas City area, Grizzled Comics Presents: It Vomits Dreams is now available for purchase at B-Bop Comics. It will be on the shelves for sixty days (longer if it sells). What better way can you imagine to spend two dollars?

B-Bop Comics, Games & Anime is located at 3940 Main, Kansas City, MO 64111 (816) 753-2267
Availability will widen once I have time to make the rounds following MoCCA.

05.12.2004 - I found a picture at the The Pitch's website of some strangers standing in front of the pages I had hanging at the Sequence show. I know the guy on the left is not me. I don't own any shirts with big sports numbers on them. Who could these strangers be?

05.03.2004 - I'll be at New York's MoCCA Art Festival this year peddling a nine-page preview of Gritty Tales of Espionage and Danger if I finish it in time. Otherwise I'll just be sitting there.

05.02.2004 - The CCN's Sequence show will take place May 7th and 8th. There will be several small-press comics for sale with original pages hanging in the galleries. Work from It Vomits Dreams will be on display and Grizzled Comics Prsents: It Vomits Dreams will be available for two sweet dollars. More information about the show here.

04.06.2004 - SPACE 2004 went as well as could be expected. I made a groundbreaking thirteen dollars and traded for a lot of good comics.

03.28.2004 - I'll be in Ohio this weekend sitting at a table for SPACE 2004. There I'll be selling 50 freshly minted copies of Grizzled Comics Presents: It Vomits Dreams. The mini-comic contains It Vomits Dreams and a story about babies. HOLY SHIT! PAPER DOLLS INCLUDED. Come get them while they're hot, baby.

02.01.2004 - Yesterday I completed the five page story It Vomits Dreams to be published in the Network's second anthology. It's available in the comics section of THIS VERY WEBSITE.

01.04.2004 - I've begun work on a new five-page story for the Network's second anthology. The story is titled It Vomits Dreams. Get a glimpse of it.

12.27.2003 - Stinson over at Void Pulp is attempting to put together a large collection of free comics online (I believe the goal is 1000 pages by the end of 2004.) The first two chapters of Grizzled Comics are available there as well as a nine-page story i did for the Network's second twenty-four-hour-comic-anthology. I only spent ten hours on mine and it suffers from a troublesome lack of onomatopoeia, but you can read it there or in the comics section of this site.

12.18.2003 - The story which made it's way into the CCN anthology was not the one mentioned below. Instead I contributed a one page John Wayne Dixon very short story. Information on the Kansas City Comic Creator's Network Show and Tell anthology can be found here, as well as information on the Network's 24 Hour Comic anthology to which I also contributed.

6.13.2003 - News indeed. I am currently working on a five page John Wayne Dixon story for the Kansas City Comic Creator's Network annual anthology. A rough draft of the script is posted here. After the completion of that little peach I will begin work on Gritty Tales of Espionage and Danger #1 which will, among other things, account the continued exploits of John Wayne Dixon.
More on that as it progresses.

4.01.2003 - The first two chapters of Grizzled Comics are now online. Take a gander.

3.28.2003 - Due to excessive time spent preparing Grizzled Comics for print and peddling at the Kansas City Planet Comicon, the online comic is still not online. It will be up no later than April 1st.

1.15.2003 - I'll be damned. While moving Grizzled Comics Online to a new web-space, I decided to use my superb html vocabulary to redesign the whole site. It should be back up and running any time before April. The comic should be the first thing up. Just sit tight, my imaginary fanbase.

12.15.2002 - Chapter one of Grizzled Comics is now online. Get the dirty thrust of it here. If you would like to be notified when chapter two becomes available, and I very much think you should like to, send a message to

12.07.2002 - Grizzled Comics Online is now somewhat operational. There are no comics here yet, but come back on the 15th and I'm sure there will be something so complex and amazing you'd think the Japanese designed it.

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