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12.28.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 29 is now online. PAGE 29.

12.28.2005 - The guestbook works again for a while. GUESTBOOK.

12.23.2005 - Eve and Josh of icecreamlandia finally updated part of their html page. Check it out at

12.21.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 28 is now online. Read it here.

12.14.2005 - Nope.

12.13.2005 - Due to all the finals I have to take this week there probably won't be a Clockwork Creature update on Wednesday. But, maybe there will.

12.07.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 27 is now online. Read it here. I added the thumbnail sketch for that page to the Clockwork Creature sketches and previews section.

12.07.2005 - I thought I'd clarify that Clockwork Creature is updated every Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. The latest its ever gone up is around 3 am. Look for a new page tonight/Thursday am.

Sometime over the weekend the invisible hit-counter at the bottom of this page reached 10,000. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back.

11.30.2005 - Clockwork Ctreature page 26 is here.

11.23.2005 - Clockwork Creature is postponed for the holiday weekend. It will continue one week from today.

11.16.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 25 is now online. Read it here.

11.11.2005 - Due to some maintenance issues, several images and links are missing from this News page. I'll go through and get them fixed as quickly as I can. Hopefully the changes I've made will allow the page to load more quickly.

11.09.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 24 is now online. Read it here.

11.08.2005 - Loose End of an Era page 2 pencils are online at that book's preview page.

11.04.2005 - The story I'm drawing for Stinson will be titled Void Pulp: Loose End of an Era.

11.03.2005 - I've updated the previews section with some images from the untitled Void Pulp story I'm drawing for Mark Stinson. I may know the name of the story soon.

11.02.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 23 is now online. Read it here.

10.28.2005 - If you'd like to help me get some exposure, you should visit and vote for Clockwork Creature. As far as I can tell votes are tallied daily to decide placement on the big list. I think I'm currently rated 3262 with 1 vote. Click on this stylish graphic to go to the voting page:


10.27.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 22 is now online. Read it here.

10.25.2005 - I've added a new section for Clockwork Creature sketches and previews accessible through that comic's index page.

10.19.2005 - Clockwork Creature pages 20-21 took several hours longer than I thought they would but they're now online. Read the new entry here. I'm just too busy to put up another page tonight like I said I would Thursday but I'm back on my Wednesday night schedule.

10.13.2005 - For the first time I've messed up a Clockwork Creature page badly enough that I've decided to start over. The new entry will be up Friday or on the weekend. After that a new page will go up every Wednesday, just like it has for the last three weeks, unless I fuck up again.

10.13.2005 - I've added sketches of some creature leg designs in the Clockwork Creature gallery.

10.05.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 19 is now online. Read it here.

09.28.2005 - Yesterday I added an image to the preview page of the Void Pulp story I'm working on and Clockwork Creature page 18 is now online.

09.21.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 17 is now online. Read it here.

09.20.2005 - On the evening of Wednesday the 21st and every consecutive Wednesday evening a new page of Clockwork Creature will be online. Pages one through sixteen are here. Check back tomorrow night for page seventeen.

09.06.2005 - Added a new page to the previews section.

08.23.2005 - Read Gritty Tales of Espionage and Danger:

08.19.2005 - Gritty Tales of Espionage and Danger is almost ready to go. Check back Saturday night. If it's not up then it will be by late Sunday. Yesterday I put up a new image on the that book's preview page.

08.17.2005 - I've added a penciled image to the preview page for the story I'm working on for Mark Stinson. See it here. There's a new inked image on the Gritty Tales preview page.

08.13.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 16 is now online. Read it here.

08.11.2005 - I've added a penciled panel to the Gritty Tales preview page. Revisions to the book are coming along and it will be finished by the end of next week if I'm worth a damn. Look for a new Clockwork Creature page tonight or late tomorrow night. (08.12.2005 - It's looking more like Saturday)

A few people have asked to see my second Maddox illustration. Both are still online here. The story on that is at the Best Page in the Universe.

07.25.2005 - Four titles in the comics section are now available for purchase via Paypal: Grizzled Comics: Featuring John Wayne Dixon, Grizzled Comics Presents: It Vomits Dreams, Girl Friday: Book One, and the Girl Friday Preview Book distributed at SPACE 2005. Each transaction will also include a free copy of Free Pulp #3: March of 10,000 Undead Gabors for as long as they last.

07.20.2005 - I've added some images to the Gritty Tales preview page and added an It Vomits Dreams preview page to the previews section displaying some concept sketches from the 2004 story.

07.19.2005 - Added a new page to the previews section.

07.18.2005 - Clockwork Creature page 14 is now online and I've added some things to the links page.

07.15.2005 - A sliced finger and then just laziness have put me behind where I'd like to be. Therefore, I'll be adding something new to the site every day next week starting Monday with the new Clockwork Creature page that is already weeks past due. By the end of July I plan to have Gritty Tales of Espionage and Danger online. I'm working on a pin-up for an upcoming issue of Jeff Blascyk's Texas Tenaka: The Dead-Eye Samurai and before Girl Friday: Book Two or the next John Wayne Dixon book get started I'll be finishing a Void Pulp story I've been promising Mark Stinson for a couple of years.

06.15.2005 - I'm back from New York. I picked up several good books and sold quite a few of my own. A couple of people asked about Clockwork Creature in print. Just so everyone who reads this knows, I have no plans at the moment of publishing Clockwork Creature anywhere but online. I know I'm three weeks behind right now but I'll try to get caught up over the next month. I'll do a page or two tomorrow.
Thanks to everyone who bought my books or traded. It's greatly appreciated.
Go read girl friday: book one because it's hot shit:

06.07.2005 -
The first issue of Girl Friday is finished. I'll get it online as soon as I get back from New York on the 15th. I'll be selling the print version along with some of my other books at MoCCA this weekend.
When I get back I'll also get Clockwork Creature up to date.

05.29.2005 - I'll be setting up a table at New York City's MoCCA Art Festival Saturday, June 11th and Sunday the 12th. There, I'll release the first issue of Girl Friday. You can read more about the con here and, if you haven't already, read the Girl Friday Preview Book here.

Glenn Walker has posted reviews of Free Pulp #3 and the Girl Friday Preview Book #1 on his site Comic Widows. Check them out here.

05.12.2005 - Books From SPACE 2005
So, I've gone through and read almost all the books I picked up at SPACE and I've created a list of them. If I could find a url or email address in the comic I've included them below with the listings. Just click on the title or creator's name in bold. If you or your book are on this list and notice I got something wrong just send an email to and I'll correct it. When I finish reading everything I may talk some more about one or two of my favorite books from the show. But, I might not.
(08.17.2005 - I've moved the list here.)

4.29.2005 - Nik Havert of Pickle Press gave some of my books he picked up at SPACE a quick mention on his site:

It Vomits Dreams and March of 10,000 Undead Gabors from Grizzled Comics are both bizarre to read and gorgeous to see.

To read about the other books he got at the show go to "Nik's Picks" at

04.26.2005 - The mystery has been solved. The two strangers standing by my pages in a photo from last year's Sequence show are none other than Kansas City comic creator Jeff Blascyk's mother and cousin.

04.20.2005 - SPACE 2005

SPACE was alright. I only sold a few books but did manage to give away or trade 150 copies of the Girl Friday Preview Book and 150 copies of Free Pulp #3 (which is now in print).

My table was next to an R. Crumb kind of guy named Paul Harris. He was cool and takes much better care of himself than R. Crumb seems to.

Ate lots of Whitecastles.

04.07.2005 - Girl Friday book one won't be ready for SPACE. I thought I could pull it off but the quality was just going downhill as I rushed. So, I'll be printing up a Girl Friday SPACE Preview Book for distribution at the convention. The book will contain the first three pages of book one and four pages of sketches. The last page will feature a half-page ad for book one (which will now premiere in print at MoCCA in NYC) and a half-page ad for Clockwork Creature featuring new art I'll be doing this weekend. The page one pencils of book one are up over in the Girl Friday preview section.

04.02.2005 - I said before Clockwork Creature will be updated on Wednesdays or Thursdays of each week. Well, that was bullshit. A page will be added once a week. What day each entry goes up will be an intriguing mystery.

03.27.2005 - I'll be attending SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) in Columbus Ohio on the weekend of April 16th . Girl Friday book one will be on sale at the hardcore Grizzled Comics table. Follow this link for information on the show:

03.17.2005 - Clockwork Creature, the page-a-week comic that should be updated on Wednesdays or Thursdays of every week, will, in fact, not be updated today. I'll put the new page up Friday evening sometime because it's a doozie.

03.02.2005 - I started a new comic today to which I will add one online page every week for as long as it takes to finish the thing. Click on this guy to read page one...


01.16.2005 - Mark has confirmed the Gabor story will be published in Free Pulp #3 due out in February. If you'd like to read it sooner read it here.

01.14.2005 - The story I've been working on for an upcoming issue of Stinson's Free Pulp is complete and available for you to read. Go here.

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