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04.24.2007 - From Headin' South.
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04.02.2007 - Today the Abrosia Publishing version of the Clockwork Creature: Chapter One web comic goes live over at Ambrosia's site. It will be updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The Ambrosia Publishing forum is now open as well, with a Clockwork Creature specific sub-forum.

03.23.2007 - This May I'll be sitting at a table at Kansas City's Planet Comicon for the first time since 2003. I'll get some more info up here sometime in April to let you know if I'll be peddling anything new. Planet Con runs May 5th and 6th.

03.16.2007 - Family Bones #3 is in stores now. Cover price is $3.50.

The book was written by Shawn Granger with interiors by Mannie Abelda.
I drew the cover:

The cover art pencils and inks can be viewed here.

03.15.2007 - I added some pencils to the Split Lip project sketchbook.

03.07.2007 - The first chapter of Clockwork Creature has been picked up as a launch title of the brand new imprint, Ambrosia Publishing. The volume, titled Clockwork Creature: Chapter One, will include the first story originally published here and a 20-page "extra features" sketchbook. A few alterations will be made to some of my least favorite panels of the story and I'll be drawing four new pages and new cover-art specifically for the volume. Look for the book in June 2007.

In addition, Ambrosia Publishing will be launching the revamped Clockwork Creature: Chapter One as a web-comic on its own site beginning in April.

The story will remain online here in its original form in perpetuity and I'll begin posting new Chapter Two pages (beginning with the four that have been temporarily removed) in June to coincide with the release of the book.

03.06.2007 - The story I've been working on for Sam Costello's Split Lip horror anthology has been moved from a March publication back to May. I'll be regularly adding content to that story's project sketchbook over the next couple of months. Check back regularly for previews.

02.24.2007 - One more panel added to the Split Lip project sketchbook.

02.19.2007 - I added more pencils to the Split Lip project sketchbook.

01.24.2007 - I added some info and pencils to the Split Lip project sketchbook.

01.16.2007 - Family Bones #3 is in the January issue of Previews.
The guy at your local comic store should be able to look it up under "King Tractor Press" and put in an order. Cover price is $3.50.

It's available here for a lower preorder price:
Just do a search for "Family Bones"

12.06.2006 - I added a new page to the Project Sketchbook. It's the one with the horse.

09.20.2006 - I added and updated several links on the links page.

09.11.2006 - I've added a couple of images and some information to the Return to Point Pleasant project sketchbook. The inked pages are finished and will be online as soon as I'm given the all-clear to post them.

08.17.2006 - Since I've not really moved the project forward in it's intended fashion for a month or two, I'm officially taking a break from Clockwork Creature. Once things settle down I'll jump back on it with a page every week.

Check back soon for more pages from Chad Lambert's Return to Point Pleasant.

08.07.2006 - I added some pencilled and inked pages to the Point Pleasant project sketchbook. Here.

07.26.2006 - I've been busy getting things ready for Wizard World Chicago next week and working on Return to Point Pleasant for Chad Lambert's series of books about the Mothman. I did squeaze out a new Clockwork Creature page. Check it out here.

07.20.2006 - I'm currently behind on just about everything concerning the site but I've put some images up in the project sketchbook area. Click the thumbnails to view their respective pages:

07.13.2006 - Clockwork Creature will be delayed this week. I'm not going to name any days but a new page will be up. Hopefully I'll be able to get Chapter Two going at full speed by the end of next week. I did do some work redesigning that comic's index page. Check it out.

07.10.2006 - Click the frightened woman to see the pencils for a pin-up I've been working on:

07.05.2006 - Old friend visiting from out of town = no Clockwork Creature page. I might try to do two next week but you know how that goes.

07.03.2006 - Family Bones #3 is now available for pre-order from King Tractor Press. The book was written by Shawn Granger with interior art by Mannie Abeleda. I provided the cover. 32 pages, $3.50.

Click here to visit the pre-order site.

06.29.2006 - Added two images to the Point Pleasant project sketchbook including thumbnail sketches for the seven page story. Clockwork Creature page 49 is here.

06.22.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 48 is here.

06.20.2006 - I've changed the navigation bar around a little bit. The "sketchbook" button now opens the "Project Sketchbook" page (previously the Project Previews page). You can still access the weekly sketch archive by clicking on the weekly sketch (at the top of this page) or the "sketch archive" link below it.

I added a new page to the Project Sketchbook and added a couple of things to the Girl Friday: Book Two project sketchbook, including a scan of the script I worked from.

Click this guy to check out the cover for Family Bones #6 from King Tractor Press:

06.18.2006 - Added a bibliography of published work to the bio section.

06.15.2006 - The second chapter of Clockwork Creature begins today. The new page can be read here.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be tweaking the layout of that part of the site to make it less messy and easier to maneuver through. If anyone has any suggestions on ways to improve navigation they would be appreciated. Just send an email here and put "Clockwork Creature" in the subject line.

06.14.2006 - I'll post some info about New York later. Clockwork Creature chapter two starts tomorrow and here's where you can click to read the new book:

06.06.2006 - This weekend (June 10th and 11th) I'll be sitting at MoCCA and peddling my new book, Girl Friday: Book Two, to the New Yorkers. I'll put the pages online when I return on the 14th. In the meantime, you should read Book One again:

06.04.2006 - Put up a page of Girl Friday inks. They're here.

05.31.2006 - Independent Propaganda has a review of Clockwork Creature.

05.22.2006 - Clockwork Creature: Chapter Two will begin in June after I return from MoCCA. Until then I'll be working hard on this book with hopes to release it in New York.

05.18.2006 - The final page of Clockwork Creature: Chapter One is online and I added an image to that comic's sketchbook preview page.

05.16.2006 - Check out the pencils for an upcoming issue of Family Bones form King Tractor Press.

05.09.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 45 is now online.

May 13th (this Saturday) I'll be sitting at SPACE in Columbus OH. More about the show here.

05.04.2006 - I'm still behind but will get the new Clockwork Creature page up as soon as I can. I did add a new image to the Clockwork Creature sketchbook preview page.

04.27.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 44 is online and added an image to that book's sketches and previews section.

04.20.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 43 is now online.

04.19.2006 - I've added a Print Index section to the site to track the editions I've printed and to help those who buy prints at shows see exactly what they have. It's accessible through the menu on the left or just click here. I also updated the links page.

04.15.2006 - Ain't It Cool News has a review of Gritty Tales of Espionage and Danger.

04.14.2006 - Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table at APE. I met some cool people and sold some books and prints. It was a good show.

Over the next few months I'll be adding a new store section to the site (the old store is down) which will include an archive of editioned prints I've run and will offer some for sale.

In four weeks I'll be heading to Ohio for SPACE 2006. Girl Friday: Book Two won't quite be ready but I'll be selling Book One and Gritty Tales of Espionage and Danger. Both books will be new to SPACE.

The site was down for a couple of days this week but the problem has been fixed. If it happens again you can visit or my space for updates.

Added an image to the Clockwork Creature sketchbook preview page.

04.13.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 42 is now online. Read it here.

04.05.2006 - Due to last minute business concerning the show this weekend I won't be doing a Clockwork Creature page tonight. I'll probably do one on the plane tomorrow but I still won't have a way to put it online until next week. For those who live in the San Francisco area, the Alternative Press Expo is Saturday and Sunday. I'll be at table 537 next to FREIGHT DOOR.

More info here: APE.

03.30.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 41 is here.

03.23.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 40 is now online. Read it here.

03.21.2006 - APE in San Francisco. I will be there. More info here:

03.17.2006 - Put a new image on the Girl Friday Book Two preview page.

03.15.2006 - No Clockwork Creature page this week. Page 40 will be online March 23rd.

Added a penciled image of Irving Ledbetter III to the Girl Friday Book Two preview page.

03.08.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 39 is now online. Read it here.

03.02.2006 - Clockwork Creature is a year old today. Thanks to everyone who keeps reading it and to everyone who keeps telling their friends to read it.

Added a 2001 image to the Grizzled Comics projects section.

Added an image to the new Family Bones projects section.

03.01.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 38 is now online. Read it here.

03.01.2006 - Added a new page to the projects section.

02.24.2006 - Added a projects/previews page for the first John Wayne Dixon story, Grizzled Comics: Featuring John Wayne Dixon. The page contains previously unpublished 2001, 2002 content and is accessible through the projects section or just click here.

02.23.2006 - There are some new sketches on the Clockwork Creature previews page, which can now be accessed through the projects section. I also added the thumbnails for the first four pages of Girl Friday: Book Two to that book's preview page. Click to go to the projects/previews section.

The official day for new Clockwork Creature pages has changed to Thursday. I'll still draw the pages on Wednesdays and they'll still go up Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Nothing has changed really.


02.16.2006 - Clockwork Ctreature page 36 is here.

02.09.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 35 is now online. Read it here.

02.08.2006 - Check Thursday for a new Clockwork Creature page.

I've finally started working on the pinup for Jeff Blascyk's Texas Tenaka: the Dead-eye Samurai. The thumbnail is up in the projects section. Click here to see if you can tell what the hell is going on in it.

02.01.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 34 is online. Just go here.

01.26.2006 - There's now a page in the projects/previews section showcasing the cover I did for Granger's Family Bones book. There you can see the pencils, inks, and final version of the cover.

01.25.2006 - I was unhappy with last week's Clockwork Creature page so this week I redrew most of it and split it into two pages. The new page 32 is online and so is page 33. They're here.

01.24.2006 - I've finished the cover for an issue of Shawn Granger's Family Bones. The book is slated for a 2006 release from King Tractor Press. Click here to see my finished inks.

01.19.2006 - This should go in the projects section but oh well. This image is a detail of a cover I'm drawing. More info later. The image:

01.18.2006 - Well, Clockwork Creature page 32 is up. The page.

01.11.2006 - Clockwork Creature page 31 is now online. Read it here.

01.06.2006 - Beginning January 7th Stinson will post a daily story on the "Comix Scene" blog completed sometime in the last three years by Kansas City creators who have (or have had) ties to the CCN. The blog is here:
This will go on for 30 days or so.

01.04.2006 - Check back for daily updates on the girl friday: book two preview page (in the projects section). I'll put something new there each day until the 13th.

Clockwork Creature page 30 is now online. Read it here.

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